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Piri is the town seamstress.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Piri is a no-nonsense, very opinionated grandmother who would punch the Beast in the face herself if she was only a few years younger. She wears a permanent scowl, and has no patience for what she sees as buffonery. While people in Vidar treat Rozsa as a nurturing, gentle mother for the twon, Piri is her opposite - no one wants to be on Piri’s bad side, and she acts as though she is in charge of all of Vidar. This is for good reason, too; Piri is smart as a whip and has years of wisdom to share.

Piri is also a masterful seamstress, and continues to operate a shop out of her home. At the start of the game, some wonder why she insists on being open during the storm, yet every day she puts out her sign and expects people to shop for tunics, even as the town is dying and in desperate need of food and supplies.

She is also an open believer in the Water Spirit, although she doesn’t make a show of it. She has no problem with the Church, but she grew up in a family that worshipped the Mother. She is also particularly hesitant to join a religious institution run primarily by men. When Rebeka and Janika's mother arrived to town, Piri instantly befriended her. The friendship was short lived, as the twins' mother was killed only a few months after arriving in Vidar. Piri adopted the twins and raised them as her own, although they now live separate from her. Piri has also spent so much time raising Cecilia that Cecilia refers to Piri as grandmother, even though there’s no relation.

Piri has her own grandson, who at the start of the game is one of Gustzav's patients, sick and barely hanging on to life. Piri values her steely public persona too much to let people see her cry, however, and avoids visiting her grandson at hours where people may see her. She is struggling to maintain appearances that she’s still stronger than anyone in town, and the pendulum may be swinging too far in that direction.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Piri can give the player the following quests:

Piri also participates in the following quests:

Tools / Rewards[edit | edit source]

Piri can give the player the following rewards: