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The Wolves Den is a side-area in the Dark Cave. Like the other puzzles in the Dark Cave, the Wolves Den features torches which illuminate light bridges and switches for a short period of time. However, unlike the rest of the Dark Cave, lantern fuel does not drain just by being in the Wolves Den, and the entire screen is visible (though shaded).

Completing the Room[]

Finding the Wolves Den[]

The Wolves Den is located in the second Dark Cave room. The exact spawn location is randomized, but it is always after the first puzzle which involves wolves.

If "Den of Darkness" is active and Dorottya has convinced Etel to join you, then when the player first enter the second Dark Cave room Etel will be standing in front of the entrance to the Wolves Den. Etel carries a lantern, allowing the player to see him even in the dark. The entrance will thus be significantly easier to find.

Trapping the Wolves[]

There are 10 wolves in the Wolves Den. There are also 10 switches, each of which toggles a gate. The aim of the room is to trap each wolf behind a gate in one of the single-tile spaces. As soon as a wolf is trapped, it will disappear, and the space can be reused.

Once all 10 wolves are trapped and killed, the torches in the den will become permanently lit, and every light bridge will be active. This step can be done even if the player has not received "Den of Darkness."

Quests in the Wolves Den[]

There is currently only one quest which takes place in the Wolves Den:

  • Den of Darkness